Hotel Style: William Brown Cabin

Not really a hotel, but definitely a place to stay and one with some style, William Brown Cabin is located on 130 acres filled with trails and ponds (both fishing and swimming) located about two and a half hours from Manhattan. Owned by Matthew Hranek (The William Brown Project) and Yolanda Edwards (Travels with Clara, Momfilter) the one-bedroom cabin was built by a local carpenter and is decorated in a rustic style with Hudson's Bay and Pendleton blankets, stacks of wood and a little bit of taxidermy. The list of amenities include a Japanese soaking tub, an outdoor shower and absolutely no wi-fi, TV, phone or mini bar.  To book, email Matthew at matthewhranek{at}gmail{dot}
com.  (Via Designtripper).

[All photos by Matthew Hranek]

Jan Halvarson


Natalie Jane said...

I collect pendleton and I just ordered the one from the bedroom :)

Unknown said...

Just love the wood everywhere!