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I was seriously flipping over some of the images I found this week on Pinterest and as you can see here these ones are pretty stunning and when enlarged even more so. They all have a summery feel to me and with that said, I'm hoping you all have a nice weekend planned and that you're savouring the last days of summer (all of a sudden time is flying by - isn't it?) Here's the links to the images above (in rows).

1. Eureka pattern/type by Elaine Wong  2. Dodge's Wheel, Death Valley, California 1977 by Jeanloup Sieff via All Posters  3. Luli Sanchez via Aaron Rayburn  4. Enjoy the Little Things by Alanna Leanne  5. Cactus Illustration from Banquet Atelier + Workshop 
6. Eureka pattern/type by Elaine Wong  7. Roman Klonek - Polish illustrator in Dusseldorf, Germany via grain edit  8. Foal via Show Jumperx  9. Lady of the Deep by Jacques Vos

(If you wish to see these larger, check out the links or my pins on Pinterest here).

My posts elsewhere this week:
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Also today's our last day of our Back to School market at Poppytalk Handmade.  You can still check out our vendors till 6pm (click here) and then meet us back here Monday for a brand new one - with a MixTape theme! Happy weekend!

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Jan Halvarson


ginger from the style of being said...

I love the colors...and lack of color. A nice mixture of softness and graphic detail.

Melissa Blake said...

Great links! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the Eureka collection from Elaine Wong! Do you know if the pieces are available for purchase and where I can find them?

Heather Belle said...

I absolutely love the colourful ones with the white doodles over top!
xo Heather

Amanda said...


Jan Halvarson said...

Anon - the translation is that it is student work - but the font will be avail for download.