Friday Pins and Links

This week seemed to swirl by and here it is already friday (and a long weekend)!  Can't believe we're into September!  Click below for the links!

1.  Photo: Claudia Knoopfel & Stefan Indlekof/Vogue Russia via Ladybird Nest
2.  Hektar floor Lamp (photo by Helt Enkelt)
3.  DIY (lace spray painted and then removed over mason jar) - in Italian by Le Frufru
4.  Grey Kitten (photo via Kasmi Nuko)
5.  A rustic fireplace and room from AT Casa via Roseland Green
6.  A Scandinavian bedroom for sale via Bostad Erik Olsson
7.  DIY IKEA hanging wall lamp via SAND
8.  Forest Gate skirt from Mina Kaitori
9.  Strap by Mathilda Clahr via Ellen's Album

My posts this week at Babble:
How cute are these guitar cases?
I'm looking for a rug what do you think of these?
I bought one of these pouches this week (and had to share)!
Make a lego terrarium! (They're so darn cute)!

Have a great weekend!
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Jan Halvarson


Heather Belle said...

The center picture and the one to the right of it are fantastic!
xo Heather

Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

SO HAPPY to see your nature shot header back -- I've missed those a lot!

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Melissa!
: )

lisa solomon said...

um that kitten. really. i can't deal. too cute. and i think i'm going to covet that skirt now.

happy birthday !

Anne de CQMS said...

I'm french et I love your blog ! I'm inspired by your post !
To be continued.....