DIY Neon Wall Hanging

Contributor post by Penelope and Pip.

With summer slowly fading and fall on it's way, there's no better way to make sure your home stays bright and cheerful than a neon, no-sew wall hanging (yes, no sewing...hooray!).

You know at Penelope and Pip headquarters we love simple projects and there is nothing easier than cutting some pretty triangles and placing them on some fabric in a simple geometric pattern to pretty up your wall.

Firstly, the materials:

  1. Neon felt
  2. Place mat (I chose one with a nicely sewn edge)
  3. Pencil
  4. Ruler
  5. Triangle template (you can make one from cardboard)
  6. Wooden straight edged coat hanger (the type you use for pants or skirts) 

Step 1: Cut out your triangle pieces from the neon felt.

The best method to calculate your number of triangles is to measure your place mat and make your triangle template to fit four x four triangles on your place mat (16 triangles in total).

You will end up with a beautiful bunch of triangles like this:

Now it's time to place them and glue.

Step 2: It's best before you glue your pieces on to do a little trial and error to choose your colour arrangement.

Firstly, measure out the height and width of your first row and draw a faint line with your pencil so you know your pieces will line up.

You can measure out all four rows now.

Then, place your colours along each row to make sure the pattern will appear as you wish it to.

Step 3: Glue all of your pieces down.

Make sure you use the instructions for your glue gun - they can get really hot!

After this step and when the glue had dried, I placed a heavy book on the piece for a little while just to make sure all the triangles were glued down.

Now just place your piece in your hanger and hang on the wall! Instant art!

This little wall hanging will brighten up any corner of the house.


Rachael is an illustrator from Brisbane, Australia and is the creator of the whimsical world of Penelope and Pip. You can sneak a peek at her illustrations here and see what other projects and adventures are inspiring her on her blog too.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Wow lovely and easy craft!!! Thank for the inspiration, Got to see more from her hand :-) have a beautiful Day.

Tine said...

This is pretty!

Anonymous said...

I paint a wood version of this, but this would be so much easier for my kids! Great idea.

Talia Jensen said...

love this simple modern art!

Unknown said...

This is so cool! i love your blog!

Coco Cake Land said...

this is adorable!! how did i miss this beauty? sweet DIY! :)