DIY: Belt + Board

Hi, Ana Maria of Anamu here! This month I've got a crazy easy (and fun) idea for displaying your photos and notes.  Maybe a back-to-school project for a study area?

Inspired by the use of belts in this great DIY, and the circle mirrors all over Pinterest, I decided to repurpose my heat pad (trivet) into a functional home office decoration.

Ikea sells these circle cork pads in packs of three so stock up and then get yourself a thin belt and trusty glue. Any fashion apparel store will carry thin belt options but flea market finds could be amazing too; you know how fabulous those can be!

The steps are pretty straight forward so my only real tip is to test the strength of your glue at the bottom anchor point before going full force. That way you know how much you need and can time how long it will take to set. All glues aren't created equal so do opt for a permanent, non water based solution - a glue gun would work great here.

Once it's set hang it up by the buckle and pin away! Old school style, that is.


About the contributor:
An LA native living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ana Maria is a flea market fanatic with a knack (and love) for DIY. She shares her vintage finds in her online shop, The Pond Market, and captures her adventures and inspirations on her personal lifestyle blog, Anamu.

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Unknown said...

I really love this!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this. so cute. i definitely need to make one!

Unknown said...

I think I'm going to do just that when we move to our new house. yes. very likely. :) brilliant!

Xain Deeas said...

love this idea really nice