Diving In: Outdoor Pools

Guest post by Lily Ellis of Birch + Bird.

David Allee for Dwell

Although we've had a fair amount of sunshine over the past few weeks, temperatures haven't been nearly as warm as they have been in summers gone by. They are supposed to rise this weekend though and I'm sure my kids would be pleased as punch to take a dip in any one of these backyard pools! I don't know about you, but I prefer pools that look more natural and blend into the landscape a little bit more than the standard bright blue-lined versions. Although with views like these, I wouldn't complain about a thing!


Peter DaSilva for The NY Times


Jenna M. McKnight for Architectural Record



I think feed tank pools are pretty genius and oh so affordable! Upcycled and the perfect size for a cool plunge, not to mention so much easier to maintain than a full sized swimming pool. Would your dream home include a backyard pool? If so, which would you choose? Enjoy the sunshine!

Lily co-writes with Rachel over at Birch + Bird. Together they organize local handmade + vintage markets and run a small Etsy shop. You can follow Birch + Bird on Facebook and Twitter.

Jan Halvarson


Chrissy said...

Oh my gosh, these are all amazing! xxx

Merry Quite Contrary said...

I'll be in that Architectural Record pool next week!

Anonymous said...

I would love to own ANY of these pools. They are AMAZING.

Shayna said...

Wow, thanks for featuring our tank in your round-up! In such nice company with those other lovely pools.

Heather Belle said...

Ahhhh these pools are all so gorgeous - haha much more interesting than my own, anyways!
xo Heather

bethanybarkey said...

I would want a salt water pool, and one long enough to swim laps!! So relaxing.

Randy Avis said...

That Jenna McKnight photo is incredible, a classic example of the Italian Biodesign that a lot of swimming pool designs are trying to imitate at the moment. It's rare to see one constructed so well.