Dispatches from Tokyo: Waseda El Dorado

Contributor post by Ros of Polkaros

Waseda El Dorado is a work of art designed by Japanese architect, Von Jour Caux (aka Toshiro Tanaka), who is an architect often referred to as Japan's Gaudi. Located just a few minutes walk from Waseda station in Shinjuku, Tokyo, this colorful building is a unique mix of Art Nouveau and Japanese culture. The first floor is currently home to Dorado gallery and Baroque art & antique store. I love the eclectic mix of traditional Japanese patterns and Art Deco motifs. If you have some time in your next visit to Tokyo, you might want to swing by and take a look at the amazing details in person! 

Waseda El Dorado
517 Waseda Tsurumakicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Ros Lee is a lifestyle product/ zakka designer based in Tokyo, Japan. Inspired by Japan's traditional crafts and unique zakka goods, she moved to Japan to study Textile design 8 years ago and has been living there ever since. She recently launched her Polkaros online store that carries some of the lifestyle products that she has designed in Japan. She is currently a design consultant for Clinique, designing accessories such as bags and pouches for Asia Pacific. In her free time, Ros enjoys pottery, silkscreening, sewing and going around Japan with her camera.

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julie @ duet letterpress said...

wow! this is crazy beautiful!

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it kills me, is amazing.
In love.