Craft Time! (8 Great DIY Projects)

Brit & Co

From Ikea Hacks to a Hanging Skateboard Swing
This week’s crafty DIY roundup over at Wired is all about rethinking the function of everyday things. A leather belt does double duty as a drawer pull, a skate deck is taken off road and transformed into a rope swing, and holiday lights are shaped into illuminated wall art. Have you made variations on these themes? Post photos and earn bragging rights at Wired’s Design community and click here to see my post. 

Jan Halvarson


Ben@Nuevo Living said...

wow great post & i like it so much...

white flower farmhouse said...

I love the idea of the leather pulls: It's easy to find old leather belts at tag sales and thrift stores!
I, too, had a plank table made. Mine was a farmtable look, for $250.