Cool Decorating Trick No. 32

Does anyone remember seeing these back in 2009?  I saw them on Pinterest (thanks Paige Russell) today and love the idea.  Tassenkast are bag cabinets that seek the boundary between an interior product and a fashion item.  Made by Lotty Lindeman out of the Netherlands, the bags further open the interpretation of the user, and become either a closet, shelf, mobile closet or whatever one wishes (I can't help but think of Mr. Bean using these). Made from wooden panels and surrounded by a quilted fabric, these hang with ties to a wooden beam.  An ultimate decorating trick if I ever saw one. (Fun fact: Notice the fluoro trend peeking through in 2009)?

Jan Halvarson


Elizabeth said...

this is a nice idea

Heather Belle said...

These are so pretty! Love the idea!
xo Heather

Anonymous said...

love this--fabulous idea!

Anonymous said...

I guess we all "love this idea."

It looks nice and everything but it seems pretty heavy if it is to be doubled for a suitcase or bag. I wouldn't buy it for 14000 euros.

lisa solomon said...

i do remember those.
[love your mr. bean comment]