Weekend Project: Mod Podge Suitcase

Creation Virginie Dillot, Conception et realizsation Catherine de Chabaneix, Photo: Francois Goudier for Marie Claire Idees
When I spotted this decoupaged suitcase this week in Marie Claire Idees latest issue (Jul/Aug) I thought it would be perfect for a weekend project and in line with this month's theme, On the Road. Made with a vintage scarf, but of course you could really use any fabric or paper and then mod podge away?  Have you ever decoupaged?  Here is a link to download a tutorial.  Happy Weekend! P.S. I get a digital version of Marie Claire Idees via Zinio.

Jan Halvarson


Katie said...

How funny - we JUST finished a decoupage project: http://www.shoestringsplendour.co.uk/wp/2012/07/14/wooden-cigar-box-update/ - Hannah is so pleased with how it came out and I think it looks great!

Jane said...

How utterly fabulous, Jan! Thanks for sharing it - zooming over there now for the fine print ☺. J x

Pistachio said...

Decoupage is in the air! I just took old containers that garden plants came in and decoupaged them. Now I have new flower pots that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill!

Kansei - Estudio de Cocinas said...

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Frida said...

I like the suitcase! I am a Swedish interior design blogger and I just find your blog, consider yourself bookmarked. (My blog is in Swedish but my iPad-magazine is in English.)
Have a nice day // Frida

Christina Conrad said...

I LOVE Mod Podge and was obsessed with it in younger years... Love this ideas of covering a suitcase! The possibilities are endless!