Taking it Outside: Pretty Picnics

Guest post by Lily Ellis of Birch + Bird.

Summer + sunshine = parties and picnics, wouldn't you agree? My kids like nothing better than bringing lunch and snacks out onto the back deck and lawn and I'm a big fan of impromptu shared meals myself. We'll often meet friends at a local park with a bag of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and whatever other goodies we've got on hand to share while the kids play. Now that the sunshine seems here to stay, I cannot wait to get outside...

Photo by Bodil Bergqvist for Trendenser

Whether planned ahead or last minute, picnics are one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon in the shade. Beachside, in a grassy park or in your own backyard, it doesn't take much to make a meal feel special for grown ups and kids alike! Canning jars make great containers for salads and drinks and the farmers markets are full of local berries and goodies just waiting to be shared on a picnic blanket somewhere. Have a sun-filled weekend!
Lily co-writes with Rachel over at Birch + Bird. Together they organize local handmade + vintage markets and run a small Etsy shop. You can follow Birch + Bird on Facebook and Twitter.

Jan Halvarson


Art and Chic said...

Oh, so lovely...wanna go to the picnic!
fresh and good ideas!

Ana de la Serna said...

lovely ideas. See my picnics post. I think you'll like it! http://anadelaserna.blogspot.com.es/2012/06/picnics.html I have to translate it english. In the meanwhile, u can just press the translate button. It's not a perfect translation but enough to know what I'm writing about. You'll enjoy the pics!! ;)

Anonymous said...

That settles it. I am going on a picnic.

Chelsea said...

these pictures are so incredibly refreshing. there is NOTHING like eating food outside on a nice, balmy day with loved ones. Lovely aesthetics make picnics even better :)

perhaps i'll find some time to do the blanket diy

thank you for this

<3 chelsea