Sunday Reading

Camper from Dutch company Mostard between 1959 and the late 70s. Photo by Chris Haddon for My Cool Caravan via
Wow it's already Sunday?  In case you're wondering about the weekend project – I fell ill friday and am now just starting to feel better - so maybe I'll surprise you mid-week if I run into something I can't resist.  But Rachael has a fun new DIY for us tomorrow to make up for things!  So weekend off everyone!  Here's to a nice sunday - and a few reading links:

I'm loving the camper above (with it's pop-up top)! Read a bit about it in the Guardian's Retro Caravan Revival post
The 2013 IKEA Catalog (US Version) is out (have you taken a look yet)? Click here to see!
Wayfare Summer Issue
Home and Delicious is a new web magazine from Iceland! (Via Emmas blogg)
Make these adorable bookmarks! (Via Pip)
Lisa will be doing a live internet radio interview tomorrow  about her book knot/thread/stitch - Sunday the 22nd at 3:30 pm (Pacific). you can listen in here :: artistically speaking with rebecca e. parsons   [the show will be archived so you can listen after the fact too]
See you Monday!

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Jan Halvarson


Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

Ikea 2013 is out??? I've been counting the days!! Thanks so much for the heads up! :)

Sandra said...

Wayfare is such a gorgeous magazine. Love the photographs - more inspiration to take better photos. Now I am craving coffee to go with these beautiful images!

lisa solomon said...

hey lady. thanks for the shout out !
hope you had a great weekend !!