The Perfect Indoor Vertical Anything?

Have you seen this Urbio Vertical Garden system yet?  Urbio is a recyclable product that is made out of a light weight and durable polypropylene and is an alternative solution for urban gardening. What began as a Kickstarter project is a system which consists of base plates with magnetic holders in various shapes and sizes which stick to the base plates and of course to anything metal. Not only just for plants, the system can hold basically anything - make it an office organizer, or maybe for an entryway.  Possibly the perfect indoor vertical anything?

The system can be bought online directly from Urbio (individually or as a starter package of six wall plates and five containers) for $175 USD. Click here to find out more.  (Via Babyology).

Jan Halvarson


Mme Scott said...

love this kind of object for the plants

Rita said...

Is beautiful but i prefer minigarden:

Coco Cake Land said...

cute! i am suddenly just wild about plants! ^__^