It's a Pink, Chartreuse, Grey + Beige Day

I just happened to see a bit of beautiful pattern happening in my pins yesterday - pink, chartreuse, grey and beige - it was sort of pretty.  Here's the links to them.

1.  Gorgeous paper flowers by Lyndie Dourthe via 100 Layer Cake
2.  Clouds of Silk from Bumcat
3.  How to recycle magazine pages into pages for a journal, Alma Stoller
4.  Perfect Twist poster by Debbie Carlos
5.  Madewell Canvas Territories Bag, Shopbop
6.  Ceramic Pig Planter, Fruitfly Pie
7.  Beg Bicycles - Bella
8.  Free printable vintage-like recipe cards (These Recipe Cards can be filled out in Adobe Acrobat so you don't have to hand write them) by Love vs. Design

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Jan Halvarson


Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

I really think there are few color combos prettier than this one!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! What is it about a pink bike? I haven't ridden a bike in years, but every time I see one in pink, I have this mad urge to go for a bike ride.

Jan Halvarson said...

Melissa - totally agree!
Ginger - yeah what is it?

Unknown said...

unexpected and really nice color combo!

Robin @ Red Line Vintage said...

What a yummy palette. The chartreuse and pink are fun and vibrant, but the gray keeps them from being overpowering. So perfect!

Unknown said...

Oh I love these 3 colors together. Just yummy great picks!