Into the Evening: Fireside Chats

Guest post by Lily Ellis of Birch + Bird.

I've spent countless summer evenings fireside with family and friends and the smell of campfire never fails to bring back happy memories of roasting s'mores lakeside or at a remote campground somewhere. We're lucky enough to have our own gas powered fire pit on our back deck (thoughtfully installed by the previous homeowner) and have been known to enjoy fireside chats year round, even with a dusting of snow on the ground! Conversations become so intimate and relaxed when shared around flickering flames, wouldn't you agree? And I love stretching warm summer nights into the fall for as long as we possibly can...

Photo by William Abranowitcz for Elle Decor

While local fire bans may prevent you from having wood burning options in your own backyard, there are some surprisingly affordable gas and alternative fuel options to now choose from and they don't have to take up as much square footage as one might think. Does the smell of campfire smoke conjure up any fond memories of summer's gone by for you too? I think I'll need to pick up some more chocolate for this weekend's batch of s'mores!

Lily co-writes with Rachel over at Birch + Bird. Together they organize local handmade + vintage markets and run a small Etsy shop. You can follow Birch + Bird on Facebook and Twitter.

Jan Halvarson


michel stong said...

I just want to say I look forward to your posts every morning! Your interiors are varied, and so inspiring, and I love your DIY's. Morning cheer.

Jan Halvarson said...

Thank you Michel!