Handmade Cement Tiles from Lindsey Lang

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I love these cement tiles by UK-based Lindsey Lang Design and could easily spend hours (and hours!) playing with the colour and pattern possibilities. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colourways and suitable for walls or floors. They looked so pretty in the June issue of Living, Etc.

A bit more about how the tiles are made via Lindsey's website: Our Handmade Cement Flooring and Wall Tiles are made using a ancient process which was revived in Victorian times. Commonly referred to as encaustic or inlaid tiles, this process has been widely used in various locations around the world including The Netherlands, France, Brazil and Cuba. The demand for this age old process declined after the introduction of ceramic tiles in the 1960’s, but Lindsey Lang Design is proud to announce the launch of these designs in hopes to help keep this traditional craft alive.
Images Lindsey Lang

Jan Halvarson

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Justyna said...

These tiles are simply wonderful. Such a clever design, and you really can't go wrong with the colors.