Friday Links

photo: amy neunsinger
I thought it would be fun to link up to what some of our regular contributor's have been up to this week (one's not mentioned are on lovely blog vacations):
The one where we all scream
A road trip recap and some rosemary lemonade
Oh and a bit more lemonade in case you're thirsty!
19 days of summer school
Pretty scandinavian place settings
This looks like a nice weekend meal
A summer sale
Modular Beauty - a cool community installation
Pretty photo patterns combo
Did you enter Lisa's new book, Knot / Thread / Stitch giveaway? Click HERE to enter!

My posts at Babble his week:
DIY an Outdoor Fireplace
15 Awesome DIY's of the Week
Backpacking? Maybe a high-voltage aerogram would be a nice way to communicate.
Having a hard time sleeping in this heat? Make a bed on the porch.
The take-out window is at home
Have a fantastic weekend!

Jan Halvarson


Golosinavisual said...

Fantastic links! Thank you for sharing!! I've just fallen in love with most of these blogs :-)


Kickcan & Conkers said...

Thanks so much for including my Summer Sale link Jan - Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...
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Kristen @ Storefront Life said...

Great links this week!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jan :)

kickpleat said...

Thanks Jan! Now I've totally got to try Janis' spicy lemonade :)