Dispatches from Argentina: Miga de Pan

Guest post by Agus of Sin Pecado Concebida

(Hello dear readers! Today I'm thrilled to introduce you to Agus of the blog, Sin Pecado Concebida from Buenos Aires!  Agus will be joining us as a Dispatch contributor for the next little while from Argentina! So help me welcome her and her first beautiful post about Adriana of Miga de pan). ~Jan

Did you know there is a little cat in the garden?. Literally a crumb of bread, Miga de pan, is an Argentinian blog featuring all the drawings, embroidery and dollmaking of Adriana. She truly is an international inspiring artist with magazine covers all the way to Japan. She made this particular cat for a backpack but it turned out to be a showcase of embroidery stitches where she used 27 points of embroidery and needlework, can you imagine it?

Not to miss Gabriel the deer either, he´s a keeper.

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Jan Halvarson


Flor said...

An argentine guest post! I´m from Argentina living in Belgium and I follow you blog since I have my own and it´s really good to find this post today, thank you!!

elena nuez said...

esta combinación de colores es pura poesía, gracias por compartirlo!!!

Kickcan & Conkers said...

I love her work so much, a big favourite of mine.
Adriana comes from a very talented family too. Have you ever seen Mamëll Juguetes ' wooden toys made by Pablo Torres and Romina?
Lots of exciting things happening in Argentina, I am looking forward to your posts!

www.mindfuldrawing.com said...

What an enjoyable pictures from Argentine showing us how lovely it is to combine soft tan colours with soft green, pink and grey on a light bluish-grey background. The art of a colour palette like this is that all colours are natural and have the same amount of fading (mixing with white). None of the colours should have gloss or shine otherwise their softness and organic feel won't correspond. A consistent colour palette works best.

Chloe and the Chimera said...

I'll admit that embroidery doesn't have a big part in my life despite my mum having a history in it, but I have fallen completely in love with that table setting, especially as I did a 'succulent table setting' blog post the other day! But those colours are beautiful, so demure (if that word can be applied to inanimate objects?) and calm. Lots of love for this!

Vero Palazzo said...

Great news to have a dispatch from Argentina! Greetings from Buenos Aires

Unknown said...

Oh, I love her work. The cat and the deer are too lovely! Great first post. I look forward to more dispatches from Argentina!

Agus said...

Such a warm and lovely welcome...thank you everybody! Ill def take a look at Mamëll toys, Kickcan.

Caroline said...

Is there a book with these designs?
As I would like to buy a copy of this book. Love these embroidery