Summer Greens

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Wigwam motel in Holbrook, AZ on route 66



So wow people!  The summer greens uploading to our Colours Pool have been amazing!  I only wish I could post/pin them all!  If you do wish to have your image pinned, remember to change the sharing rights on your images.  Here's just a taste of some of the greeness happening over there - for more check out all of the participants here (over 300 last I counted)!

1. lindsey anne2012
2. & 3. knitting iris and Geninne
4 thistle.tea
5 Forest & Sea and this is my normal volume level
6. & 7. laura evans photography

Join us! Summer Colours Week -  Upload the colour of the day (tomorrow - yellow) to our Summer Colours 2012 Week Flickr Group and we'll pick highlights throughout the day as well as a daily summary to post on the blog's evening postThe colour schedule is as follows: June 25, Monday - Green; June 26, Tuesday - Yellow; June 27, Wednesday - Pink; June 28, Thursday -Red; June 29, Friday - Blue.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

We think a Summer Colours Week is a really great idea, especially as we LOVE green! So much inspiration, and people take such lovely photographs. We try and collect all our favourite images together in colours on Pinterest so at least we will have more beautiful images to add to our colour boards! Thanks

ynas-design said...

My favorite color. Ever.

Laura Evans said...

i do love me some green ... gorgeous!!