Summer Colours Week: Pinks Round-Up!

Janis Nicolay,

It was a crazy good day at the Summer Colours Week group (have you been by yet?) - it is just one of those things that should fix any kind of wrong. Sort of like being at the beach all day with a breeze; there's just a bit of an afterglow. Pink in all it's glory and a site to behold.  I only wish there was some sort of better way to bring them all over here - the new format on flickr isn't too blog friendly - but I've done my best - and these are just a sampling of the goodness over there.  So be sure to check them all out!  (Tomorrow is red day which should be another blockbuster but in a different way - so please join us - it's kind of a nice way to spend time online - I know I've said this before but it's so true - it's so awesome to watch the community come together to create something special like this)!  It also allows us to interact with our readers a bit more too (yes YOU readers –who don't like to comment - nudge, nudge)! A little conversation would be super exciting for me!!!!  And if you haven't had enough pinks (or past days of other summer colours, there's more being pinned over at our Pinterest boards - here). Have a good night!

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Jan Halvarson


Sierra said...

I love colours week, I'm so happy its back!!

Alicia B. said...

Thanks for posting my beach picture! Ohhh, pink day is so wonderful.

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Sierra!

Alicia - love your beach picture!

Kate Jones said...

Thanks for posteing my orchid picture!!

Jessica Nichols said...

Hi Jan! Your colour weeks make me feel tingly and happy behind the lens as a photographer and also, as a viewer of all the goodness that your community of readers offers up for each other. It's a gift, plain & simple, no matter what the season.

Magento Modules said...

Love your beach picture dear thanks for sharing with us..

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