Large Format with Debbie Carlos

Debbie Carlos brings a mini series of Jellyfish to a plotter, a large format printer mainly used to produce architectural and engineering prints; printing halftone. This kind of printing lends a rough and textural aesthetic to the image, almost looks antiqued. Halftone printing is similar to how images are produced for newspapers or magazines (held up close, the images will look like a series of dots in various tones of grey to black but looking at it from afar, will reveal a photograph -- a really cool, graphic effect). Pieces as large as these are customarily and most comfortably viewed from at least four feet away.  We're also loving her guest artist Devin Higgins' Cactus print (below). Visit her shop online here.

Jan Halvarson


Chez Chouke said...

I loooooooove those jellyfish prints, thanks or sharing!

Prudence and Austere said...

I don't think there is a better word to describe these then stunning, just stunning.

Melanie said...

Wow. The jellyfish are beautiful!