It's Summer Colours Week!

By fog and swell

It's been a long winter and spring (with no colour weeks) - so it's fun to bring back colours week today - welcoming the summer season!  Please join us by participating –it's super-easy (and free)!  And you don't have to do everyday if your schedule doesn't work out - jump in any time! Upload the colour of the day to our Summer Colours 2012 Week Flickr Group and we'll pick highlights throughout the day as well as a daily summary to post on the blog's evening post.  It's a cool way to watch our online community create something amazing together - I'm always in awe by the end of a colour week. Click here for the guidelines (be sure to follow the colour times - very important - to keep all the colours together). I've also created a special Pinterest board this year highlighting different images if you care to follow there also.  Have fun and see you at the pool!

The colour schedule is as follows:
June 25, Monday - Green
June 26, Tuesday - Yellow
June 27, Wednesday - Pink
June 28, Thursday -Red
June 29, Friday - Blue

Jan Halvarson

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Alicia B. said...

I'm so mad I got too busy to post for the first two days! I've caught up on my blog for green and yellow, and posted my pink pictures. I love summer colors week!