IKEA Hack: FROSTA Stools Three Ways

These have got to be on the top ten for best hacked by far this year.  Check out these hacked FROSTA stools by Andreas Bhend . FROSTA hacked 3 ways:  A coat rack (my fave), a side table and a book stand.  And what's almost even as impressive is his hacked manual.  Get all the instructions and close-up shots over at his site here.  Via IKEA Hackers.



Jan Halvarson


ynas-design said...

That is a really good idea. Love it.

Robin @ Red Line Vintage said...

LOVE the hacks! They're far more inspired than IKEA's Frosta stool itself which perhaps drew some minor inspiration *ahem* from Alvar Aalto's design.

Anshu said...

Ohh! You had me at the bookstand!

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

That coat rack is all sorts of fabulous!!! Have a good weekend Jan!