How to Blow-Up Your Instagrams + 20 Projects

Ambrosia Creative for dot coms for moms

Jenn Kirk from the blog Ambrosia Creative shows how to print your instagram images in large format over at dot coms for moms and I just had to send you all a link.  I've included it in my round up this week of 20 Beautiful Weekend Project Ideas + DIYs over at Babble.   From a colourful outdoor swing to handmade stamps using erasers - click HERE to see.

Jan Halvarson


Ana de la Serna said...

I love the circle one!!!

Those Four Words, Proposal & Wedding Planners said...

What an amazing blog!! We're now following & would love for you to do the same!

Those Four Words

Jan Halvarson said...

Ana, isn't it great?
Those Four Words - thank you!

Unknown said...

Cool idea. It's quite similar to my circle print. Lou xx