Getting Wired: Outdoor Wire Chairs

Guest post by Lily Ellis of Birch + Bird.

In my quest for cushion-less chairs for our back deck, more and more wire chairs have been catching my eye. With their ability to withstand the seasons and the fact that they don't obstruct the views beyond, I'm on the hunt for at least two...preferably in a bright hue like yellow! While they may not be as comfortable as padded options, I wouldn't need to be running out to collect cushions with every rain shower and a seasonal change of colour would be a quick can of spray paint away...

 Elle Decor. Photo by Nicolas Tosi.

Not just for the outdoors, vintage wire Bertoia and Eames chairs mix and match easily with many a decorating style and keep the views open from one space to the next. If I find some similar wire chairs in my thrifting travels, I'll surely be bringing them inside and around my dining room table for the winter..wish me luck!

Lily co-writes with Rachel over at Birch + Bird. Together they organize local handmade + vintage markets and run a small Etsy shop. You can follow Birch + Bird on Facebook and Twitter.

Jan Halvarson

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Ian O'Phelan said...

Bend Seating is quite a bold seating choice as well.