Friday Links

Make a paper fruit basket
The prettiest beach tote
An infographic on how to be the most organized person in the world
The lost art of hand lettering (pretty amazing)
A cute DIY hand carved stamp tutorial
A cool rug designed like a gem
Love this tote too
Make an invisible shelf

My posts this week at Babble:
West Elm Fall Sneak Peek
20+ DIY Sharpie Projects
Father’s Day Special Man in Black Apron
6 Printable Herm├Ęs Bags
Entertain With Giant Flowers – 10 Paper Flower DIYs
20 Neon DIY’s for Summer!
Have a great weekend!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the fruit basket! I'd always wanted to try weave! I moving towards her blog.

sweet harvest moon said...

Thank you for sharing, happy weekend!

Lia Griffith said...

Thanks for the repost Jan! It is a sweet startle to go to your one of your daily blog reads and see your own photo. Lol.

Anshu said...

I was almost lost in the sharpie DIYs, thanks for sharing...some of them are so easy and fun, I feel like grabbing a sharpie...and get to work now. Oh well! I just bought my first bleach pen, so maybe that will do for now.

Jan Halvarson said...

monsterscircus - glad you like it!

sweet harvest moon - thanks for visiting!

lia griffith - thanks for making such beautiful things to write about!

Anshu - :)

Naomi Bulger said...

Oh, a veritable cornucopia of links for the weekend. Thank you!

~amy~ said...

Such fun links!!!