DIY: Colour Blocked Coasters

Colour blocking is, as you know, pretty fantastic.

Today, we want to show you how to dress up your table a sure-fire way to please all your colour block fancying friends!

Let's get started with materials:


1. Wooden coasters (you can get these from your local craft store)
2. Acrylic paint
3. Paint brush
4. Paint tray
5. Masking tape
6. Gold spray
7. Clear glaze spray

Once you have collected all of your materials, it will take you no time at all to make these coasters sparkly and pretty.

Step 1: Mask off half of each coaster diagonally

Step 2: Using a different colour for each coaster, paint half of each coaster and leave to dry.

Step 3: Depending on your paint's drying time, come back and give each coaster another coat so the colours are crisp and thick.

You could actually leave the coasters like this with the wooden side exposed and then finish with a clear varnish. However, I like a bit of sparkle, so if you do too, it's time to add the gold!

Step 4: Mask off the painted side this time (be sure they are completely dry or the paint will peel when the masking tape is removed.

Now spray paint each side using a gold spray paint. Allow to dry and remove the tape.

Step 5: Varnish each coaster with a clear lacquer to protect them from any liquid.

Now all you need to do, is invite some friends over for drinks!

Contributor post by Penelope and Pip (as seen in our June Lookbook)
Rachael is an illustrator from Brisbane, Australia and is the creator of the whimsical world of Penelope and Pip. You can sneak a peek at her illustrations and see what other projects and adventures are inspiring her on her blog too.

Jan Halvarson


Anshu said...

I love how simple and easy your projects are, but wow! these coasters are so impressive. Thanks for sharing such a nice and pretty project.

Ainhoa said...

Que bueno!!!! Me ha encantado!!
Un beso

Pinecone said...

I never get tired of the color blocking and these are so fun!!

Cannella&Pois said...

Great idea!! I'll try it..
I love your blog and now I'll be your follower..
Have a nice day

Summer // House&Hold said...

ah! what a simple & great project! & love the pastels : )

gina said...

love these!

Riet (Leven met Liv) said...

Well thése are happy pictures! No time at all to use the tutorial, but the photo's are enough to make my day colourfull.

Anonymous said...

Excelente idéia!

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

So pretty and such a great simple idea!! Love them!

Kreativ-i-tet Ann Merete said...

Cool idea! Do you mind if I borrow a couple of your pictures to my blog and link to this DIY? I will not write the DIY, only say something like "find out how to make these cool coasters over at Poppytalk".

- Ann Merete

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Ann Merete (Kreativ-i-tet ) - can you email me? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love this project and im going to try and replicate it in canvas as wall art, can I ask where you sourced those lush pastel acrylic colours from?

Lisa said...

So pretty! Simple but very effective

Michaela {au naturel design} said...

Love these coasters. Love the simple geometrics and fun colours!

Unknown said...

great idea!

Unknown said...

These coasters are so cute! I had to share on my blog today:

Unknown said...

I love these coasters! I have shared them on my blog and am making them right now! Thank you for a great idea.