Dispatches from Italy: Maria in Morlupo

Contributor post by Kat of Zero the One

Tucked somewhere in the outskirts of Rome, in a place called Morlupo, is the small yet cozy home of Maria. A print-fabric stylist, she works closely with design by choosing the right combination of colors for patterns (a job I’d imagine to be seriously fun. Oh, and required attendance to big fashion and design expos in Paris – and everywhere else. Ahh hard work..)

She has a thing for wood, organic textures, her rain-resistant Furla bag, her curious little cat.

Maria in the morning after breakfast resembling Queen Elizabeth – Cate Blanchet, that is, or at least I think so.

What makes this beautiful space all the more intriguing is the neighborhood that surrounds it. Stepping outside the doorway is all you need to do to enter into another world.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

What a beautifull and rustic home, lovely details! Thank you for sharing it!

Katie said...

Soooo lovely. She really does look like her! I love the sleeping corner and the photo of the cat and cactus.

room6 said...

love this, thanks for capturing such a special place!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous, warm, sensual home. I love the exterior and the neighborhood too. What a dream job she has too. Thanks for giving us a peek inside Maria's home.

NZ said...

Love this. Doesn't get better than Italia!

le petit bird said...

thank you for sharing. i love the atmosphere in this home.. and yes, what a great elizabeth!