Weekend Project: Decorate Outside

Sunset's latest issue has a section on upgrading your yard –this clipping; a Santa Monica backyard updated by garden designer Jamie Durie.  One idea was to add acrylic exterior wallpaper to a garage wall.  Although I haven't found any product like that - they also mention oilcloth would work too (suggesting retro floral or bold patterns –like Marimekko). Paint, wallpaper, oilcloth - whatever the medium it's a fun weekend project we think. (Image from Jamie Durie's The Outdoor Room (2; Harper Design) via Sunset Magazine.

Also love these single pot container gardens they featured where they're ditching the idea of using annual flowers and instead using succulents, shrubs and grasslike perrennials.  By Julie Chai | Set Styling: Birte Walter | Photo's by Thomas J. Story.

Cool outdoor sign (that also serves as a light).  From San Francisco branch of H.D. Buttercup.   By Kathleen N. Brenzel | Photo by Thomas J. Story.

I purchased my Sunset magazine using the Sunset app for the iPad available here.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Wow I Think I Can book several weekends to DIY, so many fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing.

vosgesparis said...

I sooooo want to make a nice deck on my little patio... thanks for sharing the ideas!

Jan Halvarson said...

vosges paris - can't wait to see!