Spray Paint Lamps + Weasel Wrks

I like hearing ideas of how someone's business began and artist Matias Pigni has a real organic one. It all started as an experiment in art; curious about what art was and where the lines are drawn. Matias had the idea to buy some blank skateboards and tried some abstract paintings on them. None of them satisfied him and he kept sanding them back to blank and re-trying. Naturally he ended up with an excess of empty spray paint canisters, and no idea what to do with them.

Being resourceful and not wanting to waste anything, he wished to do something meaningful with them and revelation came one evening when one of his shop lights broke and he was left with the socket and the clamp, but no tulip. He looked around and saw the canisters, piled in a corner, and wondered... how difficult could it be?

The end result pleased him so much that he immediately started sending the photos of the new lamps to his friends, and the more he sent, the more they would tell him that they also wanted one. Next thing he knew he was hacking away old lamps and creating new ones that overflowed with character; he then started making candle holders from branches found at a farm and tables from left over construction material. The more he made, the more he enjoyed the process. Then end result: Weasel Wrks –a studio creating artwork, housewares and spray paint lamps.  

Jan Halvarson


Katlyn Larson said...

That is the coolest lamp ever! :) I want one.

betina luna said...

Really clever! I'd like to make this too!

Savanah said...

My boyfriend is an artist and his birthday is coming up soon. I see a birthday gift in the making!! :)