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I'm excited to share this amazing chocolate (that's right, chocolate!) succulent created by Vancouver's own BETA 5. These guys are killing it! Everything I've tasted from them has been amazing and they've really outdone themselves with this edible art for Mother's Day.

A limited edition (available only through BETA 5), mini-chocolate sculpture hand-crafted by Adam Chandler, co-owner and pastry chef. This edible piece of art combines fine craftsmanship with their popular line of pebbles (chocolate-covered fruits and nuts). Each succulent is filled with chocolate-covered marcona almonds, pistachios, and sun-dried cherries from the Okanagan. Chandler uses only the finest chocolate and this special showpiece brings together white, milk, and dark chocolate by storied artisan chocolate maker Michel Cluziel (Normandy, France). The chocolate plant sits atop a bed of organic puffed cereal pebbles, and is contained by a ‘wooden planter’ – made of chocolate, of course!

Chandler draws his inspiration and motivation from many sources: from the nature around Vancouver, from the techniques he acquired while training in Belgium, France, and from the organic aesthetic of master chocolatiers and pastry chefs in Spain. “In terms of shape and colour, each plant is slightly different from the next. But, at the end of the day, they’re meant to be eaten and enjoyed. We like to remind people to have a little fun with their food.” 

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Pinecone Camp said...

Beta 5 is outrageously good! Haven't seen this one yet. Yum.