National Stationery Show Part 4

Guest post by Kathryn of Blackbird Letterpress 

Hi! whew, well the booths are all taken down now and everyone is getting some well deserved rest. Here are 7 more amazing booths. One more post tomorrow with a few more. Booth numbers don't really matter now but I'll list them anyway.

Bruno Press, booth # 1377


Farewell Paperie, booth #  2065

Maginating, booth # 1962

Pawling, booth # 1590

Rifle Paper, booth # 1740

The Found, booth # 1950

This Paper Ship, booth # 1580

Stay tuned, one more post to go.


About: Blackbird Letterpress

Blackbird Letterpress is a small fine art printmaking shop specializing in letterpress stationery, weddings, and more. They like to hand set type but happily print with a combination of photopolymer plates, lead moveable type, and vintage image cuts. Choose from notebooks, cards, calendars, & other goodies. Read more about us and what we do at

Jan Halvarson


seelvana said...

amaaaaaazing selection!"

Unknown said...

More fabulous selections. Was it hard trying to pick what to post with so many amazing booths? I love the way "This Paper Ship" displayed their cards on the rope. Glad you're getting some rest now. Cheers.

Jennifer said...

Amazing collection of paper. Wow. It's making me feel mighty creative!

Alex said...

I love hand printed and embedded stationary and cards. I truly miss the days of personal thank you cards and handmade detailing. I hope it becomes more appreciated in this era of email and texting.