National Stationery Show (Part 3)

Guest post by Kathryn of Blackbird Letterpress

Day 3, we're still smiling and the show goes on. One more day to go. Tomorrow is only half a day and then it's take down. It has been so fun to see our paper friends and often feels like "paper camp". I had planned one more posting, but I think there may be one more after that. So many good booths, I just can't cover them all.

Belle & Union, booth # 1753


Enormous Champion, Crow & Canary booth # 3024

Fig. 2 Design, booth #1671

Katharine Watson, booth # 1842

Leafcutter designs, booth # 1479

Old Tom Foolery, booth # 1550

Paper Boat Studios, booth # 1567

Rachel Brown Fowler, booth # 2375

Sycamore Press, booth # 1752

Sugarcube Press, booth # 1947

Sapling Press, booth # 1964

 Wild Ink Press, booth # 1971


About: Blackbird Letterpress

Blackbird Letterpress is a small fine art printmaking shop specializing in letterpress stationery, weddings, and more. They like to hand set type but happily print with a combination of photopolymer plates, lead moveable type, and vintage image cuts. Choose from notebooks, cards, calendars, & other goodies. Read more about us and what we do at

Jan Halvarson


Kreetta said...

Lot of good work - my favorite is Pie Bird press.

delphine LB - photographie said...

you should have a look at "le tampographe Sardon" - amazing work !

Unknown said...

Thanks, once again, Kathryn, for covering this show while you're working it. I like how you called them your "paper friend" . It's sounds like they're cute paper toys---or something like that. Heheheehhee. I also loved the card that said, "No one's too manly for letterpress". That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog! I get it daily and it is so fresh and inspiring. Thanks.