National Stationery Show (Part 2)

Guest post by Kathryn of Blackbird Letterpress

After day 2 of the National Stationery Show, we're all getting a little more tired. But everyone has been talking about the high energy of the show this year. The exhibitors and the buyers are all speaking of a buzz in the air, positive and full of, well... excitement. So with that, the tiredness seems a little less. One and a half more days to go! More to come. It will be hard to get photos of all the amazing booths but I'm trying to take as many as possible.

One Canoe Two, booth # 1875

Albertine Press, booth # 2042 


Dingbat Press, booth #  2063

Fine Day Press, booth # 1946 

Gold Teeth Brooklyn, booth # 1579 

Hammerpress, booth #  1663

Seed House, Ladies of Letterpress booth, booth # 2274 (Shauna & Stephen of Something's Hiding in Here

Old School Stationers, booth # 1662  

Paisley Tree Press, booth # 1966 

Power and Light Press, booth # 2267, (Kyle Durrie of Type Truck)

Printerette Press, booth # 2056

See you tomorrow! 


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Jan Halvarson


memtree said...

what an amazing show! wish we had one in australia!

m said...

Wow, that looks like a fab show, thanks for sharing all those great pics

Sarah Constantino said...

Drooling over all the gorgeous products. LOVE the way they are displayed too.

Unknown said...

I've been to some 4 day long conferences so I understand the feeling of tiredness yet energy from the whole event. Thanks for finding such mind-boggling goodness. Hope you get some rest too. Warmest wishes to you!