Limited Time Offer: Inspiration Kits by Sarah Ahearn

We all want to play more, but sometimes finding a place to begin can be the biggest obstacle. To help get the party started, artist Sarah Ahearn Bellmare has created an inspiration kit (available for a limited time only; sale ends tomorrow May 16th)! Each inspiration kit is unique, and includes a sketchbook, glassine envelopes loaded with goodies and ephemera that will get your playful spirit onto the page and send your thinking mind out to lunch, a roll of Japanese washi tape, some creative prompts and….surprises!

As Sarah tells us, "Sketchbooks are the best creative tools around. They are like portable little art studios. And although playing in a sketchbook is in and of itself pure fun– it’s also a terrific way to begin a project when you finally do have time to sit at your table and want some easy jumping off points. Are you a knitter? A quilter or perhaps someone who loves to sew and embroider? Use those papers and the sketchbook to inspire patterns for your next quilt. Scribble down notes as you dream up your next knitting project. Add fabric swatches or yarn bits and store them in the lovely glassine envelopes that you can adhere to the pages for future reference." To find out more about these creative little packages, visit the store at squam art workshops!

Sarah is also in our market this month.  Visit her table here and online: shop website facebook twitter email.


Jan Halvarson

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Very Inspirational!