Go Nuts with Photo Fabric Dye

My love for large format prints and photograph images on fabric continues and so of course I stopped in my tracks when I ran into Photojojo's post today on a DIY Guide to Photo Fabric Dye.  Another fun way to apply photo's to fabric, yep and this one works with the help of the sun.  Scan old photos (or current ones), create negative images, apply the special sauce and bake in the sun!  Well not that simple, but Photojojo's got the goods.  Check out the how-to here.

Margo Duvall, of The MARMAR Studio

Jan Halvarson


Cyn said...

That´s cool! Unfortunally we don´t have that photo fabric dye here in Argentina.


Anonymous said...

I've been experimenting with Inkodye for transferring photos onto fabric. I highly recommend it!