Fun Announcement: Pop-Up Course!

We have a little surprise (pop-up style) for you today and I couldn't be more happier to tell you about it!  As many of you know (or maybe you don't) Earl is an instructor teaching New Media and Web Development at a local technical institute here in Vancouver.  His background has always been of a technical nature here on the blog and at our site, Poppytalk Handmade for the past seven years and now he's taking that background and offering up a "pop-up course" of sorts on Image Design and Typography for Blogs especially customized for you our readers!

In the past seven years we've been blogging, we've received numerous requests on how we created our layouts, blog banners and animated .gifs.  Earl decided to package those requests and offer a course specifically for the blogger. The course will cover everything you need to know to produce great looking images and fantastic image typography for your blog –so you can start creating the blog layouts (and more) you have always wanted.

The first one will run June 16th + 17th/12 at The Hive (here in downtown Vancouver) - exact times TBA (but plan on about 8 hrs each day).  All the info is up at his official site Pop-Up Course.  We will also wind down the two-day course with a mini meet-up (Q&A) with me (surprises in-hand)!  There's a limited amount of spots available, and I think you've got the best teacher out there, so if you're interested you can sign up for the course by clicking here!  (We're offering an amazing introductory offer)! Hope to meet you!

Jan Halvarson

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