Father's Day Gift Guide - Part One

No. 1  Blue Ribbon Wide Angle Camera, Poketo
No. 2  Apothecary Soap, Izola
No. 3  Gentlemen's Bow Tie, Poketo
No. 4  Arlington Cologne, Old Faithful
No. 5  Bottle Opener, Schoolhouse Electric Supply
No. 6  Faribault Wool Blanket, Old Faithful
No. 7  Makr - Farm Ruck Sack (Navy), Old Faithful
No. 8  Staples & Sundries - The Medicine Man, Old Faithful

Jan Halvarson


Danielle Hardy said...

Great ideas! I think Fathers are always a lot tougher shopping for then Mothers!

chelsea said...

oooh fun! i want the camera and backpack for me:)