DIY for Father's Day (Bowtie + Necktie Gift Wrap)

Guest DIY post by Erin of BerinMade

Father's Day is right around the corner.  Whether your dad is a necktie or bowtie kind of dad, treat him to a quirkily wrapped present complete with his favourite tie– it's so easy to make and also has a secret pocket compartment for your gift message!

1. Paints to make your patterned tie
2. Cork to stamp polka dots, brush to do stripes for ties
3.  Wrapped Present
4. Double-sided tape
5. Scissors
5. Coloured card.

Step 1:  Paint/make your patterned paper for the ties.

I did this by either stamping a wine cork with gold gouache to make polka dots, or simply running a paint brush on the paper to make stripes.

Step 2:  Make the Shirt

Measure out the dimensions of your shirt.  The height should be equal to the length of your present, and the width should be x2 width + x2 thickness of the present.  An easy way to do this is jut to wrap the coloured card around the present, estimating where it will meet in the middle, then cutting off any excess bit.

Use double-sided tape to secure the present right in the middle of the paper.  Use double-sided table also for the front panels of the shirt.  Leave about 2 inches of the panels loose as that will be folded down to make the collar.

Make a small mark to indicate the fold of the collar, and make sure that the two folds touch in the middle.

Using the same coloured card, measure out a rectangular piece for the shirt pocket.  Fold the top of the pocket into itself to recreate the look of a hem, secure with double-sided tape.  Then use double-sided tape to stick down the pocket onto the shirt.

Step 3: Make the Ties

To make the ties, follow these simple origami tutorials for bowties and neckties.  Secure the ties onto the shirt with double-sided tape.  Necktie is tucked under the collar and a bowtie goes over the collar.

Finally, cut out your secret message gift tag with contrasting paper, write your message and slip it into the shirt pocket!

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