Dispatches from the UK: Souvenir Project for Create London

Donna Wilson

Just in time for the Olympics, CREATE London has commissioned designer and online retailer Thorsten van Elten to work with five designers: Barnaby Barford, Ed Carpenter, André Klauser, Dominic Wilcox and Donna Wilson to create well-considered (all made in the UK) souvenirs.
"The designs include a series of three exercise books that illustrate some of the best places to exercise, a cast iron multi-purpose paperweight/bookend/doorstop based on Regent’s Canal mooring bollards made in a local foundry and a series of ceramic miniature east London landmark houses and shops. They will draw on the heritage of east London and be the desirable antidote to the overly-commercial, tacky souvenirs on sale across London this summer. The souvenirs will be on sale in select shops in London and online via the CREATE website from 21 June." 

I love souvenirs like this - and was delighted to see this sneak peek of Donna Wilson's on her site which includes Swimmer, Gymnast and Cyclist exercise books (above), with a map of some selected east London parks and places to cycle, swim or do gymnastics! They will come in s set of three. More info can be found at Donna's blog here.

Jan Halvarson

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