Dispatches from Sweden

Contributor post by Elisabeth of Fine Little Day

Wildflowers have burst into bloom after the long dark winter. Daylight lasts until 8pm, and the sun rises around 3am. The cat and I have fixed the doily curtain and the grass will soon be cut.

Report from the Swedish countryside.

Warmly, Elisabeth

Jan Halvarson


Ally Ann said...

those doilies are so pretty, and easy to do!
and that darn cat!

Pinecone Camp said...

Sun rise at 3am? That would mean that if I have a garden to shoot, I'd need to be at 2:30am. Would love to experience that! Love the pic of the cat playing with that cute doily curtain!

Kreetta said...

Love it love it love it. Yes, we have light in here ! Wood anemones wishes lovely Mom's day! Wonderful feeling in this post. Thanks for sharing.

marie said...

The doily curtain is beautiful...and just the inspiration I needed for my kitchen window! Thank you!!