Affordable Art: weathered silo

One of our participants this month at Poppytalk Handmade is Mandy of weathered silo. As we feature affordable art this coming week, I'm kicking off with her latest print (above): A Collection No.9 - (mixed media painting on heavy art paper). "The simple shapes of this mixed-media painting were inspired by incessant doodles", Mandy tells us, "and is the finished grouping from the placement of the shapes, the varying sizes, and the white paint on white substrate".  (See more from the series below.

Also new in her shop this year are these original oil paintings on eco-artisan canvas, hand-stretched hemp/organic cotton fabric and salvaged Mexican Chechen hardwood. Patterned Plains No. 1 is an original oil painting inspired by the captivating views above the eastern Colorado plains. Twice a yearshe and her family are treated to “visual concerts” of colors and subtly-varied topography, and she is compelled to recreate them on canvas. 

Mandy also unveiled six original paintings in a series called Dust Bowl Glimpses last summer and today she added two more paintings to the series, "The WPA Promise" and "Security".  With that she's announcing a Buy One Get One FREE offer to celebrate their arrival.  See more info at her blog by clicking here .  Visit weathered silo online at Poppytalk Handmade here (Save 10% on all items in my Etsy shop, including these featured here on Poppytalk Handmade! Enter “POPPY10" at checkout) and at the links below: 

Jan Halvarson

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Mandy Behrens said...

I'm incredibly honored to be featured here. Thank you so much for all your support -- I feel right at home. All my best, Mandy