99 Feelings

Etsy is back with a new Handmade Portraits video, this time they profile Belgian artist Mitsy Sleurs  of (artmind.etsy.com) and her "99 Feelings" project; a collection of 99 separate ceramic sculptures (with the likeness of Russian Matryoshka Dolls), each reflecting a wide range of emotions.  Mitsy is really sweet and I had the opportunity to work with her (online) where she shared some beautiful tutorials with us (Polymer Gift Tags, Wax Decorations, Moss Terrariums, and her Fiber Bowls. And if you get a chance, visit her blog where she offers up heaps more.

Jan Halvarson


Elza D. said...

Oh I love this portrait. She is such a lovely and sweet lady. I have the feeling 'sad' on my desk. My sister gave it to me because i cry al the time. Tears of happyness. ;-)

Unknown said...

I just love this