25 Awesome DIY’s With Books


I was inspired when I spotted this vintage camera made out of recycled photography books recently by swiss artists Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs — also known as Tonk. Crafted  from a stack of hollowed out tomes with a design that recycles old books.  Although this isn’t a DIY (I’m sure someone will attempt it soon); it reminded me of all the amazing DIY’s there are out there using or making books.  I did a round-up of 25 of some of my faves over at Babble today (think wallpaper, shelving, secret storage, etc) - click HERE to see!

Jan Halvarson


Svenja said...

woooow :) this is hot!
have a nice weekend, svenja

call me debbie said...

Myself, as an absolute bookworm, finds these ideas genuine!!

(New blog needing some love:  In Whirl of Inspiration )

Anonymous said...

Totally usefull, I have to try this, my good a beautiful blog you have, so much ideas and so little time! Have a nice day!

amyloudotcom said...

everytime i read your blog my head gets cramed with things i wanna do and i love it makes me happy thank you