Weekend Project: Stripped Wood Headboard

I came across this unique idea from the folks at Elle Decoration South Africa this week! Using recycled planks of different sizes and shapes (even colours), they created a stripped wood headboard (which I immediately thought would make for a great weekend project)! Pieces like this can be picked up at your local demolition site - they almost look like old baseboards to me. (How-to: As they suggest, paint one or two planks in solid horizontal stripes or cover one with patterned paper and then fasten together with a board or two horizontally in the back; then secure to wall behind bed).  Styling: Hendrik Coetzee, Photos: Justin Patrick. Elle Decoration South Africa.

Jan Halvarson


Carol Jeandel said...

Fast and easy to done i love this project ... .

Genevieve said...

Omg, this is beautiful. Thank you for posting! Love your blog.