Special Things from Adeline & Emilie

Contributor post from Megan at Room6

I met Emilie Guelpa in my shop last year while she was visiting Canada (from Paris!). She sweetly asked if she could take some pictures for her blog...which led me to discover her drool-worthy blog, Griottes. Emilie is a photographer & art director and she cooks and bakes the food on her beautiful blog.

Emilie then introduced me to Adeline Klam's shop in Paris and my mom and I popped by one rainy morning in February to oooh & ahhh over her gorgeous carefully curated collection of Japanese paper, washi tape, Adeline's own creations as well as her latest book, L'atelier de papier japonais (photographed by Emilie.) It's in French, but don't let that stop you.

Images from Emilie Guelpa

Jan Halvarson


angie said...

Oh it's all so yummy!

Kreetta said...

i've seen Emilie's work before and yes she's got it!

Vintage Market Place said...

just makes me want to get in the studio and create something.
All those bright colors, Wonderful!!!