Inspiration: Shaking Through

I don't know about you, but music completely fixes my headspace sometimes, especially if I have writers block, or some sort of creative block; and so when I ran into this series "Shaking Through", a web series that challenges artists to write a song from start to finish in 48 hours, I immediately thought it would be perfect to bring here for inspiration. Watch the making-of in the video above, withSufjan Stevens and Cat Martino.  And then download the track afterwards here. (Via Chart Attack)

Jan Halvarson

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robin said...

I rarely wach videos on blogs, but am a fan of Sufjan Stevens so I checked it out - so glad I did! My son and I just spent the last half hour checking out some of the other ones. He's a music buff (if a 9 year old can be one) and it's nice for him to see the recording process in this way.