Gardening Plans: Succulents

Photo:  Far Out Flora

I bought some succulents this week from IKEA (yes, IKEA) - see immediate image below; and can't wait to plant them in a special container outside for the summer.  I've been inspired by one of my favourite online gardening blogs (Matti and Megan) of  Far Out Flora and one of my favourite gardening shops, Flora Grubb for inspiration. From gorgeous containers filled with Agave attenuata ‘Kara’s Stripes’ and other beautifully arranged plants to some aloe vera and friends planted in an old barbeque grill (such a clever idea). I can't wait to find something fun to plant mine in. What are you planting this year?  I'd love to hear or better yet, send pics!

Photo:  Poppytalk

Flora Grubb

  Tin's Utilitarian Franchise Garden (Post and photos by Far Out Flora)

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Jan Halvarson


Deborah Watkins said...

These are lovely, such sculptural plants. The blue ones are particularly striking!

ynas-design said...

How funny, I've just come from outside. There, I have potted succulents, and replaces the frozen bamboo. The succulents are great, right?

Unknown said...

I've been loing succulents lately too! I picked some up at loew's the other day. that BBQ grill idea is awesome.

Jan Halvarson said...

Ladies! Send pictures!