Dreaming of Summer Sandal Days

Contributor post from Megan at Room6

Spring has sprung in Vancouver (well, this week anyway) and that's got me dreaming about spring/summer shoes. When I stumbled across these hand-crafted Argila sandals on the Umeboshi blog, I was smitten. The top sandals in Ochre are taunting me...


Here's a bit about Argila, from the gals at Umeboshi in Vancouver:"Argila is one of our perhaps lesser known, but most loved brands. Not only are the styles irresistible, blending traditional men's wear detailing with feminine curves and silhouettes, but the integrity of each shoe is remarkable. If the buttery soft veg-tanned leathers aren't enough, the quality of construction and undeniable comfort are sure to convince. And to top it all off, these wonderful designs are all hand crafted in the small island of Menorca, Spain; a place where women have long been valued for their role in the shoe industry.  Here these skilled craftspeople take pride in each step of the process, from sewing patterns, to paper-filling each shoe in the final packaging stage."Images from Argila and Umeboshi

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Jan Halvarson


jess said...

Awesome - I live in upstate NY so as soon as it hits 50 degrees we think it is totally appropriate to break out the sandals and shorts - can't wait to buy some new shoes for this summer!

RubyE said...

Argila has been on my list for a couple years ever since Ped Shoes started carrying the line. I haven't sprung yet, but this green wedge sandal has me thinking I just might take the plunge! I think it's the same color leather as the flat you show above. So cute!

room6 said...

I love Ped Shoes website...so many pretty shoes and the descriptions of their shoes make me want one of each! Let me know if you end up with those green wedges, they are sooooo nice :) megan