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Contributor post by Camille of Ouistitine

Today, I want to introduce an artist from Quebec that traveled around the world with his creations. This series by Jérome Fortin called "Courts métrages" is beyond amazing. He uses an arrangement of receipt books, Spanish magazines, listings from the Pink Pages, posters, notepads, colouring books, mangas, road maps, lotto tickets... that he folds and double-folds to create what he calls "friction films". 

As you can read on his website: "With the visual lure as his only mandate, he merges and synthesizes former sources and new discoveries to develop highly graphic traces and other inter-lacings made up of incessantly repetitive fine lines. The superposition of narrow horizontal strips originates from the same gesture and appears almost as a metaphor for cinematographic film. Rather than the step-by-step method of film editors, the collagist Fortin prefers proceeding side by side, with horizontal superpositions, leaving him, above all, the pleasure of getting to twist film/yarn."

I hope that you will have to chance to see those in real life one day since it is indescribable to see the immensity of this folding perfection that evokes knitting, patchwork or any traditional artisan craft. I am proud to have such a great inspiration from home. 

detail of the series called "autoportraits" to show you the craziness of his pieces
Jerome Fortin: www.jeromefortin.com

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